What is The Air Show?

The Air Show is a way of sharing my passion for aeroplanes with my readers, viewers and listeners. I publish content on this website and via podcasts and social media channels.

What is your aim?

My aim is to inspire and enthuse my readers by publishing fascinating stories about the great aeroplanes of the world, as well as stories about the people involved with them, and the rich history and incredible events surrounding them.

What else do you write about?

I also write about aviation-related topics including airlines, airshows, aviation museums and aircraft manufacturers past and present. I also discuss the latest news and trends.

Who are you?

I previously worked in the airline industry for many years, but now work full time on The Air Show. Prior to aviation I worked in gaming, interactive development and marketing, business development and IT. I have also founded several technology start-up businesses.

What do you?

  • Publish several articles every day on this website
  • Post aviation photos regularly on my Instagram channel
  • Issue regular news updates on my Twitter feed
  • Publish a weekly podcast where I review the week’s aviation news
  • Post high quality videos on my YouTube channel (soon)
  • Sell high quality aviation books as an Amazon affiliate (soon)

In the near future I plan to sell limited edition prints, posters, calendars, T-Shirts and other high-quality aviation products that I think my readers will enjoy owning. Running The Air Show is my full-time job, so naturally I need a number of ways of generating revenue.

Do you have a YouTube channel?

Not yet, but soon. In the near future I plan to publish original, high quality videos once every month or so. These will revolve around visits to airshows and aviation museums, as well as interviews with people associated with aeroplanes and aviation. Watch this space!

Are you on Facebook?

No, not yet. I am are looking closely at how to best use Facebook in the future.

Can I get in touch with you?

I’d love to hear from you. In particular I’d like to know what you like and don’t like about my content. Constructive feedback will help me to make my content better. To get in touch just head over to the Contact page and say ‘hi’!

Can I work with you?

Please have a look at my ‘Work with me‘ page. I am always looking for new or better ways to bring more content to my audience while adding value for my advertisers and sponsors.

Thanks for visiting.