Work with me

The Air Show

At The Air Show, I share my passion for aeroplanes and aviation. More broadly, I aim to inspire, inform and enthuse my audience by publishing fascinating stories about the great aeroplanes of the world, as well the people and historical events associated with them.

Content categories

At present, I publish website aviation articles in the following categories – Aircraft, Airshows, Museums and Book Reviews. In the near future, I plan to add these additional categories – People, Events, (Aircraft) Makers and Photography.

The Photography category relates to making still and video images of aircraft at airshows, museums and at spotting locations. I will discuss gear and technique in wide-ranging articles that will appeal to those that want to capture better images and video.

What other content do you publish?


I have a weekly podcast that is typically 10 to 20 minutes in duration. Often these will be discussions with aviation figures, including some pilots with interesting stories to share.


At least once a month I publish a newsletter to my subscribers that includes links to additional articles or videos not otherwise available to the general public.


In the near future, I intend to publish original, high-quality videos once every month or so. These will revolve around visits to airshows and aviation museums, as well as interviews with people associated with aeroplanes and aviation.

Social Media

I post my own aviation photos on Instagram and publish tweets regularly on my Twitter feed that (usually) link back to articles on this website. I am considering how to best use Facebook to reach my audience and provide them with great content.

What are your future plans?

At present, the website is up and running in ‘soft-launch’ mode. I have not promoted the site yet. This softly-softly approach lets me fine tune website content, layout and appearance while checking that all functionality works as intended.

Once I am satisfied with the site, I will begin promoting it through targeted marketing activities, as well as publishing YouTube videos and also launch an Event Calendar. I have exciting plans for even more content and features down the track.

We can work together

I have a passion for aeroplanes and aviation that is strongly reflected in all my content. My audience is clearly defined. Do you need to reach the same people that read, view or listen to my content? If so, then perhaps we can work together to benefit my audience and you.

Please consider getting in touch if you see an opportunity to collaborate, no matter how small or large. I welcome new ways to add value to my audience by sharing with them the benefits and value provided by products or services like yours.